Kings of Swing Topgolf Challenge

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October 29, 2020 8:00 AM


TOPGOLF Baton rouge
TOPGOLF Baton rouge


What you are playing for..

There is a growing skills gap in the American workforce, too many young people enter adulthood under-prepared and under-skilled. This is why we focus on Work-Readiness, helping students create successful career paths.

Baton Rouge has one of the highest growth rates of concentrated poverty in the nation (Brookings Institute 2011) and Louisiana is ranked 49th in financial savvy citizens. Early and consistent financial education in the classroom gives students a foundation of money management. A poor understanding of how to save, budget and use consumer credit responsibly can limit potential opportunities and have lifelong impact on the state of the American family. This is why we focus on Financial Literacy.

The American Dream is about opportunity. And opportunity can be created for many through Entrepreneurship. JA empowers students, showing them how to use their natural talents, effort, and financial skills to turn their dreams of business ownership into reality. This is why we focus on Entrepreneurship.